I am in the process of writing a book about this video chat.This webpage is the login and registration for the video chat demo, a maxium of 10 participants is allowed. Because 10 is what the development version of flash media server will allow.

  If you would like to clone any part of the video chat application, then make a donation to my website and the receipt will be your liscensing agreement. Simply a receipt grants you the right to use my itellectual property concearning this video chat. Future versions of this video chat will include but are not limited to non flash video chat(support for webcams in HTML5 is slowly becoming a reality), support for red5 media server instead of FMS/AMS or WOWZA is in the works.

  This application is Beta it is without warrenty and should not be assumed sutible for any particular purpose outside this websites Beta test environment. If you would like to send a bug report send it to bberry@calmchess.com/ Before sending a bug report take into consideration, that this is a demo application on a server with limited bandwidth video playback is slow, however this application is useable. The default username and password is 'nonuser' and 'password' respecively,it will only work if nobody else is using it. Therefore if the username is used, and you don't want to wait then use the simple registration form, providing an email is not necessary.

  The best way to setup the webpages so you can see its functionality is to first login as a regular user by not checking the check box on the login form. Then open a second browser tab or browser window and login as a performing user. You can use the 'nonuser' and 'password' credentials for both.

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